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itscalledetiquettedarling said:
❝ What if I just asked you to write something AWST related specifically designed to make me cry on the train? ❞

you’ve got it, dear

Bobby knew it was a stupid idea and a waste of time. He knew he wasn’t going to find out anything that he wanted to know when he used the Fenghuang’s computers to check the Alliance’s databases on criminal activity. Still, there he was, entering his family’s last name and the planet name ‘Beaumonde’ to see what came up.

At first most of the results were dominated by his older brother’s impressive rap sheet. Murder, theft, conspiring against the Alliance. Then a few mentions of himself- former soldier dishonorably discharged, suspected criminal.

It was buried within a few pages of results but eventually Bobby found information on a house fire back on Beaumonde. The report didn’t say much- the house was completely destroyed and their were two casualties- an older couple with two adult sons (the above mentioned treasonous criminals). Arson was suspected but the Alliance had ruled that there be no formal investigation.

Bobby didn’t consider himself an exceptionally brilliant man, but it didn’t take a genius to figure out that the reason the Alliance had ordered no investigation was that there was no doubt about who had set the fire. It  was the same people that made sure the fire burned the house down and that no emergency services were able to get there in time.

So his parents were dead and the Alliance had almost surely done it. Well, no- maybe not the Alliance themselves. It would be a messy job, probably paid off to someone local that they could’ve thrown under the bus if someone had insisted on investigating.

He guessed finding out that his parents had been murdered because of him was what he got for hoping against hope he’d be able to find medical records that they were somehow still alive.

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